Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and our answers. Is your question not here? Mail us at

Handmade Dutch Design, why is that?
Because we design all the products ourselves and manufacture as much as possible (by hand) in our studio in Zutphen or use small independents who work in the Netherlands, we think we can say 'Handmade Dutch Design'!

The leather that NADesign uses, why isn't that smooth and tight?
The products of NADesign and Plomm consist of natural untreated leather products, made of the most beautiful skins. The leather feels soft and supple and the natural scars and colour nuances, pigments in the skin, are clearly visible. The leather remains at its most beautiful when properly cared for. Protection, care and cleaning are important when it comes to maintaining your leather products.

This article will be made especially for you, the delivery time is xx days.
We make everything ourselves and are a small studio. We prefer not to have products in stock because with many products the customer gets many choices in putting together a product. Think of colour combinations or choice of material. Therefore it is not possible to stock products. A product handmade by NADesign supports a Dutch entrepreneur and the Dutch product chain. A beautiful ideal for a beautiful handmade product. Same-day delivery is therefore rarely possible. A beautiful product, especially made for you, is surely worth the wait!

The wool that NADesign uses, is it 100% real wool?
Not everyone can stand 100% real wool. Therefore we have chosen to knit with a wool that feels soft, warm and full. A lush and 'rich' feeling. Our wool is a blend of Alpaca and Acrylic.

Colour and structure of scooped paper differs.
Elephant dung or scooped paper can differ in colour from time to time. Depending on the 'ingredients', it can be lighter or darker in colour, coarse or fine in structure, including folds and tears. This is a natural product.

I have folds in my poster due to rolling it back.

TIP paper - A poster made of elephant dung or shredded paper that has been rolled up in a box, do not fold back! Lay the poster upside down on a table and spray lightly with clean water or gently dab the back of the poster with a slightly damp cloth. Allow to rest for a few minutes, repeat if necessary.