NADesign 5 years celebration

5 years of positive vibes

It’s been five years already, since we presented our first NA designs to the world. Stylists and magazines loved them instantly, which made us very happy. But it took quite a bit more to really blossom. With a solid plan, perseverance and a lot of creativity, we managed to put NA firmly on the interior design map.

In this anniversary year, our resilience and entrepreneurship were really put to the test. We had to think different, work even harder than before and make more conscious material choices. And above all: try to uphold the positivity, which gave us such a delightful start of 2020.

The great thing is that our positivity has only grown. We feel a wonderful vibe, due to the choices we made from the heart over the past five years. Like sustainable, conscious and local production, without large stocks, but made to order, with craftsmanship and attention to detail.

You can see it all in the lookbook in front of you. This year it’s a bit more modest than you’re used from us, with just some seductive atmospheric images from our collection, printed on beautiful sustainable paper. We are no less proud of the result. It’s just Nicely Alternative.


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