Labour of love


We see and read it everywhere; craftsmanship and handmade products are hot. And of course we don't mean the 'handmade' products from China and handmade products made in our own country and atelier.

On order, without large stocks and always with attention to each piece that leaves the studio, preferably from our own studio.

Because that's what we are talking about when it comes to handmade products.


We cast each bowl by hand in molds, after which it needs a dry rub to be baked and glazed. This takes time...sometimes more than a week. No fast production, but slow in all its facets. It is for this reason that we can guarantee the quality, and why you sometimes have to wait a little longer for your order.

Silk screen print

Posters, hand drawn art and silk screen prints are made to order as well. When you order a Elephant Poo poster or a limited edition print. we start the process of making this one-of-a-kind product for you. Many posters are still drawn by hand, original and with room for your own ideas.


Felt & Wooden accents

we pride ourselves with the knowledge that we are creating unique products. Always with a twist - that is part of our vision. We add little recurring details in the accents, from wood or felt.

To be more aware of our production cycle, sustainability and footprint. We try to reuse left over products like the leather accents from other producers. 

Sourced locally

If possible, we try to use raw materials from the Netherlands. like the felt, from dutch sheep.

NADesign, dutch design, dutch products with a twist.

So we knit, weave, screen print, glaze and design... we are Martijn and Jessica. No big factory or somewhere in a far away country, but just in our own little workshop in Zutphen. Every day we sit there with our hands in the clay or under the ink, no problem for us, it is our greatest passion.

Labour of Love

So now you know what drives us. Every product is one of a kind, created especially for you by us. It may take a little longer but we hope it stays with you for a (near) lifetime! 


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  • Yoland On

    Naast jullie prachtige producten zijn jullie lieve, fijne, creatieve en hardwerkende mensen. Fijn om jullie ontmoet te hebben.
    Liefs, Yoland

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