The year 2020

We started 2020 with a huge positive vibe. The last quarter of 2019 was fantastically good and with a visitor count record of 1200, our winter home in November 2019 was not so successful before. New ideas and plans followed each other quickly; why not organize a spring house full of DIY and garden ideas? The idea, the plans and the location for the spring house 2020 were there, but didn't go through. The plan remains, all we need is a date for 2021!

Winterhuis 2020 - Caroline Coehorst

Winterhouse 2019 - Photo: Caroline Coehorst

Creating new products and improving them was a priority. We started to replace the leather on our ceramics with felt. One of our goals to be even more sustainable started with this real Texel felt... And before we knew it... it became an instant bestseller.

Keramiek met vilt accenten

Full of enthusiasm we started at the beginning of February at the ShowUP with these new products. We spoke with both 'old' and new entrepreneurs who like to buy our products.

And then Corona came around the corner...many of our resellers temporarily closed their doors and it became a frightening time. For a moment we didn't like it anymore when orders were cancelled, but fear is not the answer!
To fill the empty hours I started a new plaid, the plus plaid in fresh ecru/white to let my thoughts run free and stay calm. It resulted in a beautiful plaid which Odyvet photographed.

Plus Plaid wit-ecru

With the closure of stores came creative solutions. Many online solutions and collaborations arose, such as with Loft for their 'Slow Monkey' label. Together we designed posters, bowls, spoons and cups with a clear message...LOVE

LOVE - collaboration NADesign - Slow Monkey Foto: Sjoerd Eijkmans

LOVE - collaboration NADesign - Slow Monkey Photo: Sjoerd Eijkmans

In addition to this collaboration, we threw ourselves into another idea we had been working on for some time. Designing a small series of limited editions posters. Handpainted shapes on scooped paper by means of silkscreen or block print. Definitely something to expand in the future.

NADesign limited editions poster

The summer was filled with webshop orders and building our first temporary showroom. An emergency solution for us if no fairs were to take place after all. A showroom for our resellers where they could do their shopping safely, with attention and in a homely setting. That worked out so well that in 2021 there will be a real NADesign flagship store in our own renovated music school. Full of NADesign products, unique items and relaxed atmosphere. An idea I've been walking around with for years and after 15 years of renovating it's about to happen.

Tijdelijke showroom NADesign

Also this year several stylists liked us, and you could see our work passing by at VT-wonen Weer Verliefd Op Je Huis with Frans.

With Corona still in the back of our minds we started the preparations for the ShowUP. He was postponed several times, but at the end of September he was able to continue with the necessary measures in Den Bosch. We doubted for a long time whether we would go or not, but we were so happy to be there!

The entrepreneurs who dared to come and visit us bought in very nicely and so in the months of October and November we hardly saw any outside air. Gradually we calmed down and loaded up some more Christmas shoots for our small edition Christmas decorations. Not knowing that the Christmas bells would be a huge insta hit!

Showing up at showUP

Now we're free and unfortunately we can't go anywhere (no vacation we were really looking forward to) , except to our studio. We will be there a lot, quietly exploring new ideas and products. Because.... standing still is decline.

For now we wish you very happy days and (especially) a healthy 2021.

We'll see each other again soon

Kersthuis voor 2 - NADesign

Styling: Jessica Photo: JustJet Fotografie

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