A christmas tale

Write a Christmas blog. Easier said than written.
A table full of friends and family will probably not be there this year, we will celebrate it together with our own partner and or children. 

That it's going to be nice days, that's for sure, isn't it? A real tree full of lights, garlands and Christmas ornaments make it extra cozy at home.

NADesign has designed a small collection of Christmas ornaments for this Christmas. Subtle small items that are all handmade. Take for instance the ceramic house with its cute dots or choose the house with 'the kiss' in a golden sheen. "nice to give away" We also made classic Christmas bells this year, just like old times. But what fun they are, fresh white with a firm sheen!

Of course we can't forget the garlands. Made of durable paper, with the elephant poo paper garlands still topping the list. New this year are the black garlands that unexpectedly turn out to be a big hit.

All in all, enough choice to bring your tree and house in a cozy Christmas atmosphere.

Jessica & Martijn

ps. if you don't like Christmas, look at the rest of the collection :-)

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